f your ‘open line’ is ‘open’ all the time – and your colleague umpire continuously hears ’the bench’ or continuously hears wind noise or the audience – then you can adjust the speech sensitivity of your microphone. This therefore has an effect on the sound your fellow referee hears in his ear.

How can you set the speech sensitivity?

The function appears when you hold the Microphone icon, or via the ‘settings’ menu.

  • Pressing briefly will ‘mute’ your microphone;
  • Holding it, activates the speech sensitivity options menu or you can reach it through settings.

When the microphone sensitivity is correct:

Only your speech will go to your colleague and the system ‘Pinches’ the ‘line’ afterwards:

  • Then no data will be sent accross the line (so less MBs);
  • And you hear silence – but your connection is still there;
  • You may have to get used to this effect (especially if you are used to traditional radio systems).

Volume Boost:

Volume Boost can be used to boost your audio output volume. This can be useful with certain types of headsets that do not come standard with your phone. The impedance does not fully match a smartphone (which is ~32 ohms).

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